The use of modern technology to satisfy these financial pressures and Local Agenda 21 (the international environmental agreement) which has now been introduced into patching repairs on the roads infrastructure. Using Infrared technology, the asphalt road surface is heated up, recycled and reā€‘laid in minutes as a real alternative to traditional patching methods resulting in less time, less man power, 90% less landfill and 85% less carbon footprint.

Road Rejuvenation…saves money, saves time, saves disruption, saves the environment

The right product to the right road at the right time
An asphalt rejuvenator is a manufactured product with the ability to absorb into the pavement or road to restore those reactive components that have been lost due to oxidation. It extends the useful life of asphalt pavements and roads and thereby lowers the annual resurfacing costs as well as future resurfacing costs.

Our road marking paint is a highly durable water based Line Marking for use on Asphalt, Tarmac and Concrete. Suitable for lane lines, edge lines and centre lines, as well as symbols, legends and parking bay marking

 fast drying traffic paint formulated specifically for airless equipment and conventional air atomized equipment and smaller lane line striping equipment with or without pressure applied glass beads. It is suitable for road striping, airports, ports, factories, carparks, schools, play grounds, hard sports courts etc.

  • Meets the requirements of TT-P-1952D Types I & II & TT-P-1952B.
  • FED-STD-595 color chip.
  • It is water reducible, and quickly dries to a no track condition.
  • Surface must be dry and free of loose material, oil and grease before application.
  • New asphalt and concrete should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days before the application of coating.
  • Non flammable, solvent free.

Anti-slip is becoming a large part of all work places, interior and exterior.

We are able to apply a complete range of anti slip products for every surface and situation, from warehouses and industrial floors to domestic paths and driveways. These include interior and exterior anti slip floor colours with different grades of aggregate according to the level of anti slip needed.